Mt. Olivet Cemetery Launches Tree Replacement Program

Mt. Olivet Cemetery Association announces the launch of a tree replacement program during its annual All Saints'/Souls' Day Celebration. During the devastating May 2013 storm, the cemetery lost several majestic maple trees that provided cool respite in the summer and breath-taking colors in the fall.

"It is traumatic to families and staff alike when we lose any tree, let alone the ones that have withstood the test of time," comments Donna Brown, cemetery manager. "As good stewards of the grounds, we must look to replacing these trees so future generations can enjoy the beauty of this cemetery as much as we do today."

Working with Jerrod Murphy of Murphy Landscaping in Palmyra, the cemetery will offer a variety of mature trees for families and friends to purchase in honor of a loved one. Individual donations will also be accepted, and trees purchased as monies allow.

If you would like more information about the tree replacement program, feel free to call the cemetery office, 573-221-0655.

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